DOB: 1/7/2011 Reg #17016597

KNM Juanada Gold 003

We decided to add Capitalist to our AI bull battery for his ability to add fleshing ability without adding a lot of birth weight.  His calves have good vigor and get up and going on their own.  His daughters are moderate framed with loads of volume.

We purchased this bull from Keith Medalen in their 2011 bull sale.  We chose him for his fleshing ability and his natural thickness.  What came as a bonus was his females, they are easy fleshing, very fertile and easy to handle.  We have kept numerous daughters from him and are very satisfied with the results.

Resource adds loads of volume along with fleshing ability to his offspring.  His calves are very deep sided with abundant rib all in a moderate frame size.  His daughters are productive with nice udders.  

​KM Broken Bow 002

We decided to use Sitz Rainmaker 11127 for his proven pedigree.  The son's of rainmaker have been very impressive here at Metzger Cattle Company.  They are long sided, wide topped and deep bodied.

Connealy Capitalist 028

We decided to use Spring Cove Crossbow after researching C C A Emblazon on 702.  His mother displays an abundant amount of body depth and length with a tremendous udder.  His calves are born easy and have good growth.

Reference Sires

We used Chinook when we were searching for a calving ease sire.  His calving ease was real but the real benefit that we have found is his daughters.  They are easy fleshing with very tight udders with perfect teat size.

​Spring Cove Crossbow

DOB: 3/3/2010 Reg #16793629

S A V Resource 1441

DOB: 01/24/2012 Reg #17924903

​Sitz Rainmaker 11127

C C A Emblazon sires cattle that express body volume.  We used this bull to produce females that can perform with minimal input.  We will calve his first daughters in 2021.  Before using him we talked with multiple people that had used him and they all really liked the daughters!

Shipwheel Chinook

​C C A Emblazon 702

DOB: 01/14/2010 Reg #16764044

DOB: 2/6/2007 Reg #15908864

DOB: 04/10/2007 Reg #15734469

​​​​DOB: 01/20/2007 Reg #15980098

​​DOB: 1/11/2010 Reg #16752262

KM Broken Bow is a proven bull that sires calves with great depth of body and plenty of length.  His calves are born easy with good growth.