Metzger Cattle Company is located in Towner, ND.  We had the opportunity to start in the Registered Angus business when we purchased our first females from Roger Jacobs in the fall of 2008.  They have been an excellent set of cows for us.  We feel they have all the important traits covered to raise functional and profitable cattle. 

At Metzger Cattle Company we do not believe that it is a race to see how fast we can get our bulls to a finished steer weight.  Instead, we believe that it is of more benefit to our customers to grow cattle at a slower rate.  We shoot for a 3 pound gain on our bull calves and do it by using Payback Bull Challenger and hay.  We have found that a 3 pound gain will express genetic merit when it comes to feed efficiency and performance.

Our cows graze native and tame grasses of North Dakota.  We do not have an abundance of land to use so we need cattle that can perform with the resources that are available to us.  We expect our cows to stay out grazing as long as possible, we usually have cows grazing until the end of December as long as the North Dakota winter doesn't set in too fast.  At Metzger Cattle Co we expect our cows to calve unassisted, get their calf up and sucking, maintain good body condition, be structurally sound with just the resources that we have to provide. 

Thank you for taking an interest in our cattle.

                                                                       Metzger Cattle Company